if there is goodness, along comes badness

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

this is second post for today as pokya has nothing to do except waiting for the night comes, and then the day of today will be missed by tomorrow. what does the title mean? what i'm trying to say is everything has it's own goodness and badness. even if the thing is bad, still comes the goodness.

what i'm trying to write here is a habit which most of us think that it gives us totally bad effects, which leaves pokya struggling to find the goodness of smoking.

some advantages of smoking;

  1. help smokers to plan their financial expenses. due to the higher price of cigarettes today, most smokers usually will spend their money wisely in order to get a pack of cigarettes (how much the price? i heard it is about rm10).
  2. help smokers to reduce body weight. believe it or not, most smokers are tend to spend their money on cigarettes rather than on food. by doing this, smokers will consume less food, means less intake of unwanted fats or calories into their body.
  3. help sellers to earn more profits. if there is no smokers, where do the cigarettes sellers will get their earnings? as simple as that.
  4. as a self-defense tool. imagine if we are attacked by a person who intended to rob us.what do you do if you have a burned cigarettes between your finger? do as you thought
all the info above are just for fun, not for any references or for arguments. this is just the 'think', where you actually can prove that every bad thing has it's own goodness. same goes to people, not every bad people will affect you badly, instead they can give you more goodness, if you look from the other side of their badness.

moral of the post: never ever think that bad people are just as bad as they are. they might be as good as good person are..hahaa..aku x pandai berbahasa english.try menulis dlm bahasa english..

jangan merokok.aku bukan mencadangkan anda semua merokok.merokok membahayakan kesihatan.asap rokok pun bahaya apatah lagi batang rokok..hidup ini singkat.enjoy life to the fullest tapi jangan sampai membahayakan life anda....cheers


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